Travel Health Specialist Service

Referring Physicians

Convenient Travel and  Non-travel Non-Ohip Covered Vaccination Services for Your Patients

Attention Family Doctored in the GTA:

Services offered at our Travel Vaccine Clinic, designed to simplify the vaccination process for your patients. Our clinic specializes in travel vaccines and aims to offer a hassle-free experience for patients who require vaccinations prescribed by you.

Patients no longer need to undergo a travel health consultation with us when they bring their prescription from your office. We understand the importance of efficient healthcare, and we are here to assist in ensuring your patients receive the necessary vaccinations without unnecessary delays. We are a Yellow Fever center, designated by health Canada.

In addition to travel vaccines, we provide a range of non-travel vaccines, including Shingrix, Prevnar 20, and the new RSV vaccine. Patients can easily schedule their appointments by contacting us directly, and book an appointment.

We have three conveniently located clinics spread over the GTA:  Queen and Broadview, North York at Bathurst and Sheppard, and Etobicoke at Bloor and Islington.

At least one location is open seven days a week, including evening appointment.

Furthermore, we are a designated Yellow Fever clinic. Patients requiring the Yellow Fever vaccine will fill out the necessary consent form which checks for contraindications and ensures a smooth and compliant process.  After their appointment, we will promptly fax your office the record of vaccinations received.

Additionally, we can assist in filling prescriptions for various travel related medications, ensuring comprehensive care for your patients.

If you prefer, we also offer travel for health consultations either in person or  virtually. Our current consultation fee is $25  For a family of 4 people or more, our fee is $80 for the group.

We believe that by working together, we can enhance the healthcare experience for your patients. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to serving your patients’ vaccination needs.

No formal referral letter is needed. You need only hand patients one of the enclosed blue tear off slips.

Travel Vaccine Clinic – Referring Physicians

Tel: 416-461-2419

Now with three locations: North York, Downtown Toronto, and our beautiful new Etobicoke/Mississauga location

Dear Doctor:

* We are a specialized full service travel and general vaccination centre. This means that we carry a full set of vaccines including specialty vaccines such as Japanese Encephalitis and Yellow Fever.

* We provide a detailed, systematic consultation with care taken to review the patient’s past history and the fine details of their itinerary.

* All our locations are convenient, modern, attractive store-front facilities.

* Parking is outstanding at the North York location and much better than average at our downtown location.

* Our hours are designed to be easy for your busy patients: At least one location is open seven days a week and we have evening hours as well.

* The referral process is designed to be easy for you: All that needs to happen is for your secretary to give our phone number.  416-461-2419.  We will take it from there.

* To our knowledge we are the only travel clinic in Toronto that sends the referring doctor a note indicating what vaccines were given.

* We maintain a massive library about travel medicine.

* We are seasoned in dealing with challenging non-travel and travel cases including: patients on immune-suppressive drugs, new Canadians needing catch-up vaccination, climbers, pregnant travelers, infant travelers, etc.

* We speak the following languages: Spanish, Vietnamese, Tamil, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Tagalog, Bulgarian, and some Hindi.


Mark Doidge MD, Director



"I saw your dr. last weekend and it was a great experience. I felt that he made sure I am traveling with the most recommended vaccines and nothing i do not need. Don't be fooled by his young age appearance, he knows his stuff!!! Efel was the person at the front desk, very sweet and friendly. Prices are OK especially for the level of professionalism they showed."

Jacqueline P.

"My husband and I received our vaccinations with the help of nurse Mary who was knowledgeable, patient, and provided excellent customer service. I would gladly go back for any future travel needs."

Tammy N.

"We felt prepared to go on our trip after our appointment. We got all the necessary vaccines and all of our questions were answered."

Daniel H.

"Happy client."

Mary Jean N.

"Easy to deal with."


"I made an appointment online for the next day. I had close to 1/2 hour wait to see someone but I was given great service, not rushed and felt taken care of. I would recommend and use them again."


"So effiecient and friendly - The team at Travel Vaccine Clinic made my visit there easy, stress free from the consultation on what I need for my travel until the vaccines and prescription needed/advised were given. I will be back. Thank you!"

Katherine Vyse

"Service was very fast and well done. We received our vaccines on the spot and our practitioner was very helpful while answering questions."


"Professional, thoroughly knowledgeable, and they ensure that you understand all of your options. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend."

Leslee H.

"Your staff was incredibly helpful and extremely knowledgeable. He helped us look up related diseases for our trip and provided us with necessary information for potential risks. Staff was very helpful as well. We have been here quite a few times and have never been disappointed. Highly recommended!"

Salman S.

"Really friendly staff, efficient, and great price for consultation."

Cydney B.

"I am so very afraid of needles and my nurse took care of me so well. The lightest to touch injections I have ever had. Service was quick and easy. Thank-you!!"


"Didn't expect consult to be virtual but extremely happy with the service and information. I am super impressed and glad that I booked the appointment with their facility."

Jennifer D.

"We received very clear and practical advice and were in and out. We'll be back."

John L.

"Staff were very helpful and informative and attentive. Great service, thank you!"

Amy L.

"Excellent service. Got all my vaccinations and prescriptions . They don't charge to fill up the prescriptions. Best prices I could find. I highly recommend this travel clinic."

Irit I.