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No Consult Fee travel Clinic-Advice and Vaccines for India

 TRAVEL ADVICE AND VACCINES FOR INDIA Call 416-461-2419 Travel Vaccine Clinic Going to INDIA? You should be up to date on routine vaccinations while traveling to any destination.  Some vaccines may also be required for travel. Vaccinations you might need: Measles Mumps Rubela, (MMR),  diphteria-tetanus-ertussis,  chickenpox,  polio,  flu, Hepatitis A,  Typhoid, Cholera, Hepatitis B, Malaria […]

No Consult Fee Travel Clinic-Understanding the Yellow Fever Vaccine: Your Essential Guide for Travelers

Yellow Fever vaccine:  Yellow Fever is a serious disease prevalent in certain parts of the world making vaccination crucial for travelers.  This blog will delve into the significant of yellow fever vaccine and its role in protecting individuals exploring affected regions. The security of the the yellow fever vaccine lies in its efficacy and safety profile, […]